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The ‘Routine Service & Inspection’ is available to all customers that either require their door to be checked and inspected for safety, to have a routine service, or have a fault that requires diagnoses and repair. If the door has already had a safety inspection by ourselves within the past 12 months, you may require a ‘Standard Call Out’ instead. The main emphasis on the works is safety inspection, but includes general servicing, adjustment, electrical & mechanical fault finding, and minor repairs. Any major repairs or safety upgrades will be detailed within a report and quoted for separately

What’s included

  • A safety inspection to ensure doors are correctly operational and up to latest safety regulations
  • A general service and adjustment to improve operation of the door, minimizing failures and breakdowns
  • Mechanical & electrical fault finding
  • Minor repairs and service parts included
  • A comprehensive report on the condition of the door, and certificate of maintenance for clients records.

What’s not included

  • Extensive repairs or safety upgrades, unless quoted for and agreed with the customer
  • Parts not deemed service parts


Inspections & Services Included:


-Condition of the structure the door is fitted to

-Check the provision of sufficient safety brakes

-Check & adjust all mounting fixings (minor replacements included)

-Check & adjust all integral fixings (minor replacements included)

-Check & adjust the alignment, both vertically and horizontal, of the door structure. Minor adjustments are included where possible, major adjustments not included

-The alignment, condition, and minor adjustment of any gearing. If major works are required to realign the gearing, this would not be included.

-Check the overall condition of the door structure, guides, and barrel. (Minor straightening of components is included where possible)

Balance System              

-Check the condition of shafts, bearings, drums etc

-Check the condition and length of cables. Replacements are not included within the standard service

-Check the condition of tension springs (where visible)

-Check & adjust quality of tension. Adjustments are included only if safely accessible from ladders, or the provision of suitable access equipment has been agreed and with the client and quoted for.

Curtain Checks:             

-Check the provision of sufficient curtain safety wrap

(Roller Shutter)              

-Check & adjust curtain alignment (minor adjustments included, but full curtain redress not included)

-Check the condition of the curtain & bottom rail (minor straightening of components is included where possible)

-Check the condition of the endlocks (minor replacements included, but curtain redress not included)

-Check the condition of windlocks (minor replacements included, but curtain redress not included)

Door Blade                    

-Check & adjust the door blade alignment (major repairs to alignment are not included)


-Check the condition of the panels and hardware (minor straightening is included where possible)

-Check & adjust wheel brackets and wheels. Replacements charged as an extra with the clients authority.

-Check condition of hinges. Replacements charged as an extra with the clients authority

-Check & adjust (where possible) auxiliary components e.g vision panels, storm bars etc


-Check the condition of the power supply terminal. (Any works to the terminal, back to and including the distribution (Electrical Doors) board, is the responsibility of others)

-Check the condition of the door cable routing (minor repairs included, more involved re-wires not included)

-Check the provision of an Earth connection

-Check the condition and connection of the control station

-Check the condition and connection of any auxiliary components eg. Battery Back Up

Safety Sensors               

-Check the condition and positioning of any safety sensors. Major relocations not included

(Electrical Doors)


-Check the condition of any seals, floor, guide, soffit etc

Service Sundries            

-Clear debris from guides or tracking system

-Light lubrication of guides, bearings, springs, and gearing where required.


-Check & adjust the correct door operation where possible

Fire Operation               

-Check that the door is correctly connected to the fire alarm, or has an integral activation

(Fire Shutters) device, and would operate in the event of a fire.


At the end of the service and inspection, a report will be issued to the customer outlining the condition of the door and whether it meets latest safety regulations, or was insufficiently accessible to complete the necessary safety inspections. Any major repairs and modifications will be quoted for against the reports.

Doors that pose an immediate risk to operators or third persons will be disabled from use and the client notified immediately.


Sufficient access is required to enable the inspections of the door, especially at high level where the drive system is located. It is the clients responsibility to ensure any obstructions are removed prior to our attendance. Upon our arrival, if the access is insufficient, the engineers will complete as many checks and service works as possible, and the report will notify the client of this.


Prices start from £80.00+VAT for the first door, and additional doors as low as £50+VAT each, dependant on site location, time of visit, and number of doors.

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