General Conditions of Attendance

1. General
The following points are intended to provide the commercial base to our agreed works, Qualifying and making clear the extent of our proposed on-site activity. They are simply to promote clear progress of our installation efforts leading to trouble free successful contract completion and will form as part of our general conditions of sale under section 2b).

2. Services/Attendances Provided by BIS Door Systems Ltd
a) The services of a skilled one or two-man installation team including vehicle, hand tools, ladders, and portable access equipment.
b) Our quoted rates (unless stated to the contrary elsewhere in our quotation) include for the installation/repairs/inspection to be carried out in one uninterrupted site visit. Any further visits required for completion/commissioning to items where we are denied progress will be subject to additional costs.
c) On electrically operated doors where site wiring is included (see body of quotation), our price includes for wiring to a live isolator (supplied and installed by others). Isolators to be positioned within one metre of the opening on the motor side. If the motor cannot be commissioned at the time on site then a charge for and extra site visit will be incurred. Where site wiring is excluded, we include for commissioning only.

3. Services/Attendances Provided by The Buyer
Unless agreed in writing elsewhere in our quotation or subsequent correspondence the following items are to be provided free of charge, by the buyer.
a) Unloading, safe storage and distribution of materials to site location or store. (Please note: All electrical equipment and doors with special finishes must be stored under cover).
b) Free and available electrical supplies (110 volt) where this is not available (240 volt) BIS to supply transformer.
c) Lighting adjacent to our activities if deemed necessary by our surveyor or installers.
d) Scaffolding to be provided where necessary. Plant or mobile scaffold supplied by BIS would be subject to an extra cost or included in the body of the quotation.
e) Free use of cranage and hoisting facilities where necessary.
f) Suitable Welfare facilities.
g) Datum’s and levels adjacent to each opening to be provided to fitters prior to installation by buyer.
h) Free and available access to and use of refuse collection points/skips for our debris.
i) Clear uninterrupted access to door openings/workplace.
j) Buyer shall be responsible for ensuring that a finished floor has been laid prior to our commencement on site to enable a correct installation.
k) Openings to be formed as shown in approved subcontract drawings.
l) Unless specified in the quotation all making good to openings and redecoration work by others.
m) All groundworks and excavation involving cutting in bottom tracks and post holes n) Site protection will be the responsibility of the client/contractor. Any subsequent damage will be chargeable on an individual repair basis.

4. Daywork
a) Should it be deemed necessary to carry out work on day work basis then written instructions must be supplied to our fitters or supervisors prior to commencement of work. At current rates – POA.
b) The company reserves the right to charge abortive visit costs.

5. General Provisions
a) The company provides full detailed drawings upon request, for which we would require formal approval of prior to manufacture should we be so contracted note our delivery period would not commence until such approval is received.
b) In the event of acceptance of the quotation, we would require your site representative to sign, at the appropriate stage, signifying approval of our works.

6. Warranty & Defects Period
a) 12 Months during normal working hours. Mobile working platforms on warranty callouts will be on a free issue basis.
b) Defects period commences from sign off and acceptance of our installed equipment regardless of when building completion and hand over takes effect unless otherwise agreed on a project by project basis