Low cost answer to heat loss

PVC strip curtains form a low cost barrier between the internal and external environment, keeping draughts out and heat in. It acts as a protective barrier that still allows complete access and two-way visibility. The PVC curtains are hung from a stainless steel rail and can be fixed or sliding in a variety of arrangements. Different sizes and gauges are available to suit each application. We can also offer the curtains with a welding green or bronze strip which reduce the welding flash protecting the surrounding personnel, and polar grade PVC for fridges and freezers.

  • Low cost
  • Reduce draughts and heat loss
  • Forklifts and personnel can pass through
  • Welding green and bronze available
  • Polar grade PVC for fridges and freezers
  • Clear PVC in a variety of sizes
  • Fixed and sliding arrangements

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200x2mm Clear
300x3mm Clear
400x4mm Clear
200x2mm Welding
300x2mm Welding
200x2mm Polar Grade

Hanging Rail
Folded stainless steel quick hang rail


  • Partial
  • Full

Manually operated

Maximum Size
7,000mm High


  • Fixed
  • Sliding
  • Coloured marker strips

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